Keysi NorthWest was established by Chief Instructor Richard Lawrence in response to the need to have a dedicated Keysi Academy for the North West of England. For this reason, we train in Manchester and Liverpool and have events throughout the North West. The Academies are run to provide the best quality training and get every student's ability to maximum potential. We strive to create an atmosphere in which every student is clear on each aspect of training that is covered. To enable this, questions are actively encouraged. Private 1-2-1 self defence and martial art classes can be provided. We work with businesses and individuals and tailor our classes to their needs.



Richard Lawrence

After training in a variety of martial arts as a youth, Richard began a search to find a method of self-defence that could develop a genuine ability in the street. He found it in Keysi, whose approach to dealing with pressure reflected the lessons he had learnt whilst serving on Operations in the Army. Having been the Operations Officer of Task Force Helmand in Afghanistan at the height of the campaign against the Taliban and having taught Officer Cadets how to function under pressure, Richard used his experience to create world class training for anyone looking to learn how to fight to defend themselves.

Richard trains regularly with founder Justo Dieguez and is a certified Keysi Instructor, UK coordinator and member of the Keysi International Training Team.



Jack Turton

John grew up training Jeet Kune Do, Systema, Silat and many other martial arts before discovering Keysi as the answer to the question of street violence. John has trained with Keysi founder Justo Dieguez in Spain and is a certified Keysi NorthWest Assistant Instructor.

In addition to the Keysi programmes, John has a keen interest in strength and fitness conditioning for the street.