CounterStrike was designed by Richard Lawrence to be the most advanced and comprehensive form of private training available. During his own martial arts training with others, Richard was consistently disappointed with the standard of private training being offered, which fell very far below the quality of training he had undergone in the Army in order to be “Battle Ready”. By contrast, the private training Richard had experienced in the martial arts often had no coherent structure or content and no sense of urgency. Although many Instructors had a high personal level of ability, they had little understanding of how to develop that same level in others. The best training begins with a single and defined goal in mind – to be “Battle Ready”.

When we begin with this defined goal, we understand that advancement in the purely physical aspect of training is one element of a larger task of personal development. This approach: working simultaneously on the physical, emotional and intellectual components of the individual is the only way to bring fast and permanent results.


CounterStrike has been created to train individuals holistically to unlock their potential and make them more capable and powerful people, with the ability to control and direct their own actions too and influence the actions of those around them for the better. CounterStrike makes individuals “Battle Ready”.


CounterStrike methods are taken from three main sources, the work of G.I Gurdjieff, the practical experiences of Richard Lawrence as the Operations Officer of Task Force Helmand in Afghanistan during the height of the conflict and the physical expertise in fighting and self-defence of Justo Dieguez. In order to refine these elements into the best form of private training available, Richard went on a long search for the most powerful methods, which included qualifying as a professional Hypnotherapist and gaining a Masters degree in Philosophy as a Way of Life. From these sources, practical methods of training have been developed that are born in the crucible of experience.



The first step in any process of personal development is self-knowledge. The reason we need assistance to understand ourselves is because of our inability to identify our habitual behaviour. Many people will have experience of this from their own physical training, where an Instructor or third party will be able to point out habits that have developed, both helpful and unhelpful. To recognise our habits is of enormous value in itself and is the foundation of learning.


The CounterStrike Assessment provides the individual with a comprehensive report on who they are. For some people, this may be as far as they wish to go at this stage. For others, this is the beginning of a course of personal development to become “Battle Ready”.


The Assessment includes the Whole Person Profile which identifies your individual characteristics and inclinations and the external influences that effect you in your environment. The Whole Personal Profile gives you a range of perspectives in which to look at yourself and develop self-knowledge. In addition to this written part of the assessment, the physical part is a 3 hour personal training appraisal with Chief Instructor Richard Lawrence which determines your physical aspect attributes. This appraisal involves training in Keysi with the emphasis on physical expression, developing your speed of learning and technical discipline. Finally, a training plan is created based on your individual needs to allow you to develop in the best way for you. Whether or not you wish to undergo further training based on this assessment is entirely up to you.


The CounterStrike Assessment is £300 and individuals should contact us to ask for an application booklet.